A Gift from Krk

A gift from Krk - original souvenir from Krk

A gift from Krk, as printed on a distinguishing label, is the name of this souvenir. It is a kind of representation of the town, showing a reflection of the continuity of its artistic, cultural and historical heritage, and at the same time, presenting its tangible, intangible and natural heritage.

Original souvenirs from Krk are selected through a procedure conducted by the city’s Tourist Board on annual basis. Criteria set for this selection are high, but we should single out the most important ones: originality, authenticity, integrity and aesthetics, craftsmanship, as well as the use of ecological materials distinctive for the island’s area.

When all the propositions and requirements are satisfied and discussed by the Expert committee, the souvenir becomes a proud holder of the label A gift from Krk.

For those who want more than a material souvenir as a memory of their holiday destination, there is an array of exhibited items, including a full range of artistic creations, a variety of decorative and useful objects, as well as clothes, local gastro products, cosmetics and a series of attractive publications.

[The souvenirs can be purchased directly by contacting their authors, manufacturers or publishers and their contacts can be found in the souvenirs catalogue].

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