Krk Food Fest: Okusi proljeća

Krk Food Fest: Taste of Spring

Krk Food Fest: “Taste of Spring “is the title of the event taking place from 19 April to 31 May 2019 in about 20 restaurants of the island of Krk. It is an opportunity to fully enjoy splendid Krk landscapes and its tastes.

Cooled Žlahtina wine and hot lamb, scampi and fish, enjoyed while admiring the sea view, cheeses made from milk of island sheep tasting of sage, immortelle and other herbs, Krk prosciutto, olive oils, ecologically grown vegetables and wild edible plants, these are all magnets attracting you to the island during springtime.

The restaurants have adapted their offer to the seasonal ingredients found on the island of Krk. They are preparing many delicacies with wild asparagus, baby lamb, broad beans, samphire and other spring plants with addition of sea food.

In Njivice, restaurant Rivica offers about 10 delicacies with wild asparagus, among which homemade ravioli filled with sheep curd cheese and wild asparagus in truffle sauce, frittata and risotto with wild asparagus, poached sea bass with asparagus puree, “pašticada”- beef with green homemade pasta- “šurlice” made with asparagus and desserts like sweet asparagus- white chocolate, asparagus and hazelnuts.

In Malinska, in restaurant Mulino, you can enjoy wild asparagus soup, asparagus frittata, “šurlice” with sauce of wild asparagus, shrimp and sheep curd, lamb roast under the bell or on the spit, sheep curd pancakes…. In tavern Bracera they offer young sheep cheese with asparagus served on polenta and olive oil and sheep- curd spread with truffles, wild asparagus risotto, homemade pasta in tomato sauce with shrimp and wild asparagus, grilled lamb marinated in olive oil and rosemary and lamb under the bell (upon previous order). Bistro Toni (during May) offers two spring menus, meat and fish one, with specialties such as spring salad with wild asparagus, duck breast with vegetables and calamari “brodetto” with polenta. In tavern Intrada they offer homemade pasta “fazoletti” with cottage cheese and spinach, grilled local lamb, shepherd’s plate and duke’s “presnac” (traditional cake). In Noštromo in Malinska, you can taste spring salad with cheese and walnuts, homemade pasta “makaruni” with pesto, wild asparagus frittata and risotto, homemade pasta “šurlice” with calamari and “presnac” made with young sheep cheese. In restaurant Primorska koliba they offer: sheep curd with Adriatic scampi and wild asparagus, seafood salad with broad beans, risotto with Adriatic shrimp, scampi and samphire, monkfish with broad bean and samphire puree, panna cotta with asparagus and homemade crumble with asparagus.

In Kuća krčkog pršuta Žužić you can buy local cured meats and enjoy pate made of prosciutto and young cheese, bread made with prosciutto, minestrone with prosciutto and spring vegetables and “šurlice” with Krk prosciutto and wild asparagus.

In tavern Pod prevolt in Milohnići they offer boiled lamb with vegetables and lamb stew, grilled lamb and lamb on the spit, frittata and “šurlice” with wild asparagus, nettle soup, “brodetto” made with dried octopus and finally, pancakes with sheep curd and honey.

In Glavotok, you can choose among about 15 dishes tasting of spring, among which there are lamb liver pate, lamb ragout soup, lamb stew with homemade dumplings, hake fillet with asparagus, “presnac”…

In Volsonis in the city of Krk, besides many spring delicacies, they also offer local minestrone made with nettle, lamb rolls made with vine leaves (during May), homemade “šurlice” with lamb stew and lamb prosciutto. Tavern Šime offers “šurlice” with wild asparagus and prosciutto. On the menu of restaurant Marina there are: cream of wild asparagus soup, beef tagliatta served with a bruschetta made with wild asparagus and pesto, pork fillet served on wild asparagus risotto, roast lamb (upon previous order for 4 persons minimum) and “Bodulski pijat”- white fish fillets in “žlahtina” wine sauce served with  toasted polenta and rocket salad. Tavern Galija offers “šurlice” with scampi and wild asparagus and ravioli filled with Adriatic shrimp and black truffle.

In Vrbnik, restaurant Vinotel Gospoja offers boiled- fried egg with marinated wild asparagus, tagliatelle with crab meat and black truffle, gold sorbet with “žlahtina” wine and young lamb ribs with cream of sheep cheese. On their spring menu restaurant Nada Vrbnik has homemade green tortellini made with sheep curd and sage, lamb chops in island wild plants served with polenta and vegetables, roast beef with “muštarda” cream and “povitica”- homemade cake made with sheep curd.

In Punat, restaurant Marina offers about 15 spring delicacies, some of which are: cream of wild asparagus soup, beef steak with wild asparagus, prosciutto and aromatized polenta, fish fillet with wild asparagus and shrimp… In tavern Bocoon they offer many fine dishes with wild asparagus such as mushroom and asparagus frittata, risotto with scampi and asparagus, beef steak in wild asparagus sauce….

In Baška, in Heritage Hotel Forza there are about 10 spring dishes, such as bruschetta with asparagus and prosciutto frittata, spring pizza and sheep curd cream. In hotel Tamaris they will serve you “šurlice” with lamb stew. In Cicibela in Baška, besides many other delicacies there are grilled lamb chops with rosemary potatoes, Adriatic shrimp in Dijon mustard and whiskey and homemade “šurlice” with Kvarner scampi and shellfish…

In Šilo, staff of Zeba restaurant will prepare lamb under the bell (it takes about 3 hours to prepare it so it is wise to pre- order). There are also “šurlice” with four cheeses, homemade cabbage rolls and piglet on the spit.

In Klimno, in restaurant Žal, you can enjoy the wild asparagus mosaic prepared with horse radish and quail eggs, homemade ravioli made with spinach and guanciale, lamb shoulder with vegetable alter- ego and canelé and mousse made with sheep curd and strawberries.

In Omišalj, in restaurant Maris you can taste tuna tartare, cuttlefish “brodetto” with polenta and lamb chops.

The reasons to come to the island of Krk are numerous and since there are more than a hundred dishes you should try, we suggest you also check the pages offering accommodation.

The organizers of the event are the Tourist Board of the island of Krk and all local tourist boards in cooperation with Gastronauts.

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