Before covering the beaches, we would like to make a commentary concerning the sea at the bathing grounds in the town of Krk. The sea is clean, very clean! The best supporting evidence for this is offered by six blue flags each year gained by town beaches meeting the high criteria for quality seawater, and associated amenities: sanitary, hospitality, sporting, recreational, and along with a compulsory note that the beaches provide access to the sea for persons with special needs. In the town area of Dražica, there is a beach for dogs, a separate area where dogs can swim and seek relief from the summer heat.

The cleanliness of the sea at the beaches, nonetheless, is owed to the fact that the beaches are covered in shoal or are rocky with landscaped sunbathing areas. If you get the urge to go discovering and seek intimacy, and also know how to drive a boat, we have news for you. In the town port find out where the dinghies for hire are moored. Discuss the terms with the owner and head out. The shoreline directly close to the town is a real treasure of hidden, intimate shoal coves which at least for a day can become your private beach. This will be an experience just as though you brought back a souvenir from your annual holiday!

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