Gallery, souvernir shop and exhibition areas

In Krk – the town of history and culture, there are a number of art galleries, souvenir shop, exhibition areas. This is what we recommend you seeing, and you can also choose momentums commemorating your stays on Krk.

Antuna Mahnića 10, 51500 Krk
mobile: 098 817 307

Danica Kostelac
- handmade jewelry and souvenirs
Dr. Dinka Vitezica 16, 51500 Krk

Is positioned on Krk's main city square. It is known for Dagmar Franolić artworks, refilled with works of younger artists Lena Franolić and Marin Dlaka. Here you can find watercolours, oil paintings, graphics, photoaquatints, drawings, sculptures and jewelry.

Vela placa 4, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 880 500

Archaeological collection, museum, gallery
In this gallery located at the bottom of the Roman street cardo, a valuable archaeological collection can be seen including chosen art paintings and original ceramic souvenirs.
Archaeological collection in the private ownership of Mrs. Itala Samblica contains items from the Roman Empire period (8st – 5th century) and a smaller number of bronze items from the prehistoric period (3rd – 1st century B.C.). All items have been found in the Krk town area, mostly in graves west of the town walls.
Dr. D. Vitezića 1, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 221 695
mobile: 098 459 886

Dr. D. Vitezića 4, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 520 388

A souvenir shop where you can find typical island items: bowls – a vividly painted ceramic vase for wine or dolls dressed in native island costumes.
J. J. Strossmayera 11a, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 520 005
Tel/fax: 051 222 869
Mobile: 091 2222 787
Mobile: 091 2222 869

Antiques shop, wedding organization
Istarski prolaz 5, 51500 Krk
Gsm: +385 91 935 20 73

Maritime collection and production of model ships, and is the first such registered trade in Croatia where fundamental business activity is the production of model boats. Furthermore, Leut produces original souvenirs depicting the sea and boats: half-model boats on boards, boards with naval knots, stylized yachts on postcards or nautical maps, boats in bottles, key holders made from rope…
Trg Sv. Kvirina 1a, 51500 Krk
mobile: 098 932 84 99

A family house containing in its cellar a real gem: the remnants of a Roman thermal spa from the 1st and 4th century. Parts of the pool and black and white mosaics with pictures of Triton at a festival have been preserved.
Ribarska 7, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 221 670

krk0167.jpgGALLERY "STANIĆ
A company with 28 years of tradition produce picture frames,   mirrors, lamps (desk and floor-lamps), ceramic products, souvenirs, souvenirs with glagolitic themes. Emphasis is given on paintings sale, of notable Croatian authors to souvenirs.
Vela placa 8, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 220 052
Fax: 051 880 725

Souvenir shop
A. Mahnića 19, 51500 Krk

Handmade jewelry, paintings,
pieces of ceramics and souvenirs.
J. J. Strossmayera bb, 51500 Krk
Mob: 091 1324 777

Is a town gallery holding two-week exhibitions throughout the year.
J. J. Strossmayera bb, 51500 Krk
Tel/fax: 051 220 041

Narodnog preporoda bb, 51500 Krk
Mobile: 097 767 09 76

Atelier Voyager
- selection of lamps, clocks, souvenirs made of natural materials
Gordana Lukić
M. Gupca 11, 51500 Krk
Tel: 051 221 63
Mob: 091 92 865 29

VIKTOR&KOKO - Gourmet gift shop
Store selling Croatian regional and insular delicacies
Biskupa Antuna Mahnića 17, 51500 Krk
Mobile: 091 502 90 42

TZ Krk

City of Krk Tourist Board
Vela placa 1/1 - 51500 - Krk - Croatia
+385 51 221 414

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