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You cannot leave the Golden Island before you are sure that you have seen the trump cards that have given it its flattering name since the Roman times.

Allow yourself to be spoiled by this island like many who have come before you. Enjoy the luxurious taste of Kvarner fish, and the widely famous Kvarner shrimps.

We would also like to tell you that the island’s lamb was already being served at the courts of the Roman emperors, and believe that this is sufficient recommendation.

You can taste the handmade pasta, which is a trademark of this island In almost all the restaurants - the delightful and very tasty šurlice, which production requires a lot of patience, and experience. Up until recently, this dish was only served on Sundays or on important feast days and events.  Please take the time to find out why. 

The Mariolina company is our local producer of delicious pasta. Here you can find šurlice as well as other interesting types of pasta. 

Krk’s prosciutto, which is protected by a Geographical indication, can be found in numerous restaurants. It is mild and light, with its taste being reminiscent of butter.

Do not miss a visit to the House of Krk’s prosciutto, where you will learn everything about the special characteristics of this delicacy, and of course where you will be able to taste a variety of dishes with Krk’s prosciutto, as well as other local specialities.

Of course, we must not forget Krk's cheeses - either cow’s milk, sheep’s milk or the goat’s milk ones. When you taste them you will feel all the richness of the flavour and aroma of medicinal herbs on which the animals pasture here on the island of Krk.

In addition to these dishes, we must not forget Krk’s olive oil, which is among the most high quality Mediterranean oils. Complete your experience of the oil by visiting the Nono House of Olive Oil where you can taste various types of oil and see the small oil mill and of course, buy a bottle of these wonderful golden drops.

The island of Krk is also renowned for its unique wine and we recommend you try it with all of the above mentioned dishes. Its breeziness will simply delight you. Learn to pronounce correctly žlahtina, that name you will surely repeat many times and enjoy it.

Of sweet dishes, try definitely original sweets made of dried figs, cottage cheese, and we also recommend the fried delicacies Fritule (fried doughnuts) and kroštule. You also have to taste imbriagon or „drunk cookie“, a fragrant dry biscuit being prepared at eve of holidays only in the city of Krk. These are sweets that used to be tasted on this island. But definitely taste also their modern version - irresistible cake Krčka kneginja (the Krk princess) that will win you over already at the first tasting.

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