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ADRIA GUIDE KRKAdria Guide - Krk is a Travel Guide which you can load into the Garmin GPS device. This guide contains useful information about city and it’s used for guiding tourists and other users to them interesting points of the city of Krk.

Adria Guide - Krk is product of Navigo Sistems Company Ltd. which is the general distributer of Garmin GPS navigation devices for Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo Guide was created in cooperation of Navigo Sistem Ltd. and the Tourist Board Krk.

Adria Guide Krk you can download from this link: ADRIA GUIDE KRK

This is an electronic travel guide that allows its users a detailed, easily, quickly and plainly touring to the various and interesting destinations in the city of Krk. Every point contains text (point description), photography, location with the exact coordinates, contact information (address, phone number, fax number, website and e-mail address), and other necessary information’s to make user easier to find an interesting destination for sightseeing and to receive necessary information about them. By choosing a point on the device user can see where that point is locate on the map and immediately can make auto guidance to that destination (point).

The Tour Guide is really simple to use on the GPS device, and contains 68 points. Points of interest are divided by categories. If you are interested in cultural part of the city, select a category "sightseeing" and the device will display a list of items, such as museums and their images. Every item has textual description which provides user details about type of a museum, opening hours etc., and based on that information user can decide if he/she is interested to visit that destination.

User can make auto guidance via GPS device to chosen destination by using GPS satellite system. You can choose on the GPS device, whether you are going on tour by a motor vehicle (while leading you to your destination GPS will take into accounts the allowed directions, one-way streets, pedestrian zones, etc.) or by foot (shortest direct path). The great advantage of this guide is that you can choose time when to start your tour, you don’t depend on anyone. You can specify your own points that you want to visit and what order you will see those destinations. Tour guide supports multiple languages, so it can be used by visitors from other countries. Adria Guide - Krk is created in CROATINA and ENGLISH language. If in GPS device text display is set on English language, guide language will automatically be set to English, and it’s the same for the Croatian language.

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